How to get rid of frizzy hair!

So many of us struggle with frizzy hair. We tend to throw some product in our hair, never realizing what it's even doing for us. With so many brands and products, it's hard to know what's really going to work. We can walk down the aisles aimlessly, grabbing a bottle with some packaging that we think we know what it is...but do we? 

It seems like more than ever as consumers, we are mislead by ads and large big box stores, that never really seem to give us what we need. Why does it need to be so hard to get results?



The quality of products has dramatically declined in the haircare industry, with so little regulation it's no wonder this stuff really doesn't work. The team at Bold decided to make a change in what we were seeing in the industry, by supporting only brands and products that made a difference for our skin and hair. We chose to lose the meaningless jargon and give our guests what they needed, PRODUCTS THAT ARE SAFE AND WORK! 

So why do you have frizzy hair (I forgot that's why we were talking)....

1. Most traditional shampoos have harsh detergents and artificial coloring in them. This is not only harmful to our body but it's terrible for our hair, stripping the hair of it's natural oils that bring so much shine. Our products use a mild cleanser that's safe and enhances hair color. 

2. Don't wash your hair everyday! I know it's tough, you go to the gym and feel all greasy but in reality your hair doesn't reflect that, it's in your head. Try to go every-other day, maybe on the second day do a fun up-style or braid in your hair. Throw a bit of magic dust in your roots (dry shampoo) and whip that hair back in a ponytail, embrace the beauty of not having to wash your hair for a day. 

3. Get your haircut regularly, trust us you will feel like a million bucks after you trim up those nasty ends. Even if your hair is smooth as silk, if you have split ends it just looks terrible. TRIM IT UP! 

We believe that beauty doesn't need all the harmful chemicals found in most products to work. Support brands that inspire change in our haircare products with clean beauty.  Professional Clean Beauty!