Let's be honest, most mornings it seems that we are strapped for time but still need to look presentable. My mornings seem to be strapped for time more frequently than not. It can sometimes be real chaos as your trying to get out the door. Tight schedules make it hard to even get breakfast, so spending time on a full face of makeup doesn't always make perfect sense. 

I've been forced to get really good at getting my makeup done in a pinch. I thought I would share with you my 5-minute makeup routine so you can look presentable without much time at all.....


Even on the busiest of mornings I don't skip this step. It's the most important part of having good looking skin all day. I want to have my skin looking hydrated and healthy. I first use Davines Juvenate-Pro Booster, this gives my skin the brightness and hydration I need for all day. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. After I apply the booster, I put on Davines Juvenate Pro Rich Cream, this is a lotion that gives my skin antioxidants and protects my skin in the cold and windy climates. These two things are the base of my routine in the morning, I never skip on either.



I usually go for a lighter foundation but recently in the winter month's I have been using Make Up For Ever Foundation. The coverage is great and very easy to apply. Once my foundation is applied I like to cover any redness or dark circles I might have. For concealer I usually jump between the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer or Mirabella. Countouring is a nice thing to do but save that for the days you have more time. 


Blush is my saving grace. It leaves my skin with the perfect flush for the day. I usually use Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush, it's fast to apply and gives me a healthy glow. 


 I always start by sculpting my brows! I am in love with the NARS Kalamata Brow Perfector, it gives me a soft application while still defining my brows. I pencil my brows in by following the natural direction of the hair, to give them a soft finish. The last but most important is the NARS Brow Gel, it's a clear base with a strong hold. I have very unruly brows, the gel keeps them looking clean all day. 

Next, I will use the Stilla Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner. This eyeliner dries fast and won't smudge throughout the day. It has a fine tip which makes it easy to use. I coat my lashes with Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara and call it a day! 


If you know me at all, I am a girl in love with a bright lip. If you tend to go lighter on the cheeks and eyes you can opt for a darker lip to finish your look. I tend to use lipstick that has a good longevity, so I don't need to reapply throughout the day. I have MAC Pro Longwear lipstick, MAC has great colors and they last all day. I recently got some lipstick from Bite Cosmetics, it's very hydrating and also smells great. 

Now with a little practice you can apply your makeup in under 5 minutes. 

How do you save time in the morning?  We would love to hear your comments or tips! 

Love, Abigail