When we think of our hair we usually forget about the scalp. We cut our hair, dye our hair, style our hair but we tend to give very little thought about the scalp. 

Our scalp is like a root, it's the base of whether we will have healthy or unhealthy hair. Taking care of our scalp should be the first priority to giving the rest of our hair a fighting chance. 

 5 ways to make sure your scalp is looking hot...



 Our scalp is exposed to so many chemicals, most of them we get with shampoos that are made with toxic ingredients. There are very dangerous chemicals that consumer products are made with, mostly because it's cheaper and easier to use the chemicals instead of natural ingredients. Make sure you look into what your using for products. Pull apart every large ingredient name and make sure they are safe! 


When your getting your hair colored it should never tingle. Most people that have scalp problems don't even know it. When you get your hair colored and you feel a tingly feeling it's a sign that your scalp could be very dry. The dry scalp will only worsen with dandruff, inflammation and damaged hair follicles. 


Exfoliate your scalp. Just like we use exfoliation on our face, our scalp needs it too! For heavier build up, use a detox shampoo with salicylic acid in it. 


Use a conditioner! Sometimes we don't use a conditioner because we think it will weigh down our hair. If you feel like your conditioner is to heavy, you may need to ask your stylist for another option suited for your hair type. Conditioner helps to seal our hair shaft to protect it from environmental damage and stress. 


Vitamin D is one of the easiest vitamins to get yet it remains the most common vitamin deficiency. Vitamin D plays a major role in hair production and growth. When our body is lacking in this vital nutrient it can cause poor connections to our hair follicles and we may start to see thinning hair. 

Every part of our body is connected, each part plays a role in keeping us look our best. When one chain in our system is broken we will start to see others that are lacking. Make sure you keep your scalp healthy! 

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