Fall Hair Color Trends

Still wearing your same old subtle highlights? It's time to upgrade with one of these hair color ideas that are guaranteed to be huge this year! 

1. Blended Ombre

Ombre was the biggest hair color trend of 2012, but its getting an update for 2013. The new version of the ombre will be less subtle creating a softer look. 

2. Reds

Red was the hair color to try in 2012 and will continue to be a big hair color trend this year. Lots of shades of burgundy and orangey-red will be the new shade for 2013

3. Buttery Blonde

Icy and champagne blonde will never go completely out of style, but expect to see warmer shades of blonde for this coming year. This shade looks best on darker, olive, or beige complexions and its especially great for people natural reddish undertones in their hair.